Greetings from Beautiful Lassen county where the bright blue skies and the northern end of the Sierras meet and Nature runs free!

If you like the great outdoors, you’ll love Lassen county!! 

 I live in Janesville, just 10 minutes from Susanville which is the county seat.  We’re so close to the Sierra Mountain range that we can be in the Lassen National Forest within 10 minutes from home!

We love it here and if you enjoy hiking, horseback riding, camping, fishing, boating, motor sports or just plain breathing fresh, clean air, you’ll love it too.

Have you heard about the famous Eagle Lake trout or the Bizz Johnson Trail? How about the Carribou Wilderness area or Lake Almanor

 One of my favorite lakes is Antelope Lake, just 30 minutes from Janesville.  Antelope Lake is a lovely secluded lake situated in the mountains where one can waterski, fish, camp or simply spend the day enjoying the scenery. Many locals have family gatherings there to spend the day or the weekend. 

 If you’re the more adventurous type, maybe you would like to attend the Honey Lake Motocross where they hold the ” Off Road Championship Events”   Or if you are into horsemastership, the Honey Lake Valley Riders sponsor Playdays/Gymkhanas and Horse Shows on certain weekends  at the Janesville park. Those who enjoy car racing, the Diamond Mt. Speedway races are held at the Lassen County Fairgrounds on most Saturday evenings. They also have the Demolition Derby which is very popular.

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