Yes, that is French for Good Day My Friends!  I’m happily back at work and busy as ever after a wonderful two week trip to Paris, France in December.  I have such great memories and pictures to share if you’re interested!?  My friend, an art teacher, invited me to spend two weeks in a rented apartment she books there every year. It is located in the Latin quarter and was built in the 1600s and is 4 blocks from Notre Dame Cathedral and 2 blocks from the river Seine.  I was blessed to have my very own tour guide and art history teacher accompany me while exploring the art museums and Gothic structures there !  We had fun walking the cobblestone streets along the River Seine.  The city is so picturesque  and exciting.  There is too much to see in only 2 weeks and I look forward to a return visit someday.  The history is amazing and the bridges, streets, monuments, statues and original paintings are awesome to behold.  It was a dream come true for me. I spoke French and English at home for many years with family and it was a thrill to speak it again.

The currency is in Euros however,  which computes out these days to about $1.40 US dollars to their 1 Euro! Quel damage!!!  Real Estate prices are much higher comparatively speaking.  So is gasoline and pretty much everything else.


Prices in Lassen County are still coming down because of the foreclosure market and this IS the time for investors who wish to buy rental properties to contact me for some very excellent buys!

If you are a seller, know that your property will have the best visibility on the internet, being syndicated to more than 800 websites, promoting and exposing your property nationwide, including the top 10 websites for online real estate search. Today, 90% of homebuyers use the internet to search for their new home. That is why Realty World spends a majority of the advertising dollars online-giving your property the most exposure possible.  Of course, I will provide you my expertise in marketing and contractual knowledge, stressing integrity first.

First time home buyers are able to take advantage of special, low down payment programs to help get into a home before prices and interest rates go up again. .  If you are a buyer who has lost a home due to the economy, call me, as there are loan programs available to assist you in a sooner purchase of another home in spite of your loss.

Please call me on my cell at 530-310-0727 if you are interested in having your own personal tour guide in the area. I can tell you from personal experience, it makes all the difference in the world!!

If you call me, we can get started with establishing what you are seeking and what price range you wish to stay in.  I’ll ask a few personal preference questions to help me zero in on what you are looking for and which areas would be amenable to that life style.  I’ll then become your professional researcher in the area and will send you a list of data sheets on a variety of properties that might suit your needs.  The next part is easy and fun.  Looking, comparing and choosing which property is right for you.

I’ve been in the real estate profession since 1968 and truly enjoy putting people and places together. I know how important it is to find an agent you can depend upon and trust.

The Right Agent makes all the difference in the World!!


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