Things are hopping in Lassen County!

Properties are selling and at great prices too!  I have specialized in bank owned properties for some time now as well as marketing properties for my client base.  I agree that it is a buyer’s market out there and everyone is looking for a “killer” deal.  Those deals are out there, believe me! 

However, in order to take advantage of those great buys, you have to be ready to make an offer on them as soon as they hit the market which means you either have to have all cash or be prequalified.  The banks won’t even consider your offer unless you provide a lender’s prequalification letter along with your bid.

 I recommend using our local lenders for the most part unless you opt to use the seller bank’s special financing . There are some programs that will allow you to purchase without a down payment or may ask for a small downpayment but then, once the seller bank agrees to pay some of your closing costs, the usual expenses  disappear.  I’ve seen buyers get into properties with no cash out of pocket. 

Of course, your credit score needs to be above a certain amount and your ratios have to be acceptable.  That is why getting together with a lender to obtain that prequaification letter is so very important.  It allows  everyone to work toward the same goal with a realistic approach.